2nd International Micropigmentation Congress “Estetica in Rio”

27/01/2015 By GISBERT, MARIO

Mario Gisbert (CEO of Goldeneye), Amparo Ortega and Dênisson Amaral are invited as guest speakers at the 2nd International Micropigmentation Congress “Estetica in Rio” on the 24th and 25th of May 2015.

During this congress the main theme throughout will be training and education in Micropigmentation practices and is aimed mainly at teachers, consultants and students in the aesthetics industry.

The objective of this congress is to raise the standard of training worldwide and brings together many experts and researchers in the Micropigmentation industry with different backgrounds and specializations in dermatology, cosmetic surgery and even marketing.

The Goldeneye representatives will give lectures and classes in the following topics:

  • Skin Camouflage (skin burns), scars and vitiligo, by Mario Gisbert
  • Scalp Micropigmentation, by Denis Amaral
  • Areola Breast Reconstruction, by Amparo Ortega

More than 15 Brazilian and international speakers will participate in this congress and there will be many master classes and workshops taking place after the main event.

The post congress master classes and workshops will be hosted from the 26th the 28th May from 10:00 till 18:00. All participants can learn the most innovative and surprising techniques used around the world from the most talented and qualified professionals in this industry today.

For more information please visit the Estetica in Rio and Estetica Master Classes webpages at www.esteticainrio.com.br

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