Why use Goldeneye Micropigmentation pigments?

15/05/2014 By Jasper Scholtes

In today's market there is a variety of brands available that offer various pigments for micropigmentation treatments. So why are Goldeneye Pigments the most used and recommended by top industry professionals?

For starters, Goldeneye pigments meet all the requirements of the European Legislation for the manufacturing of dyes for intradermal use (micropigmentation or tattoo).

The entire manufacturing process, from the selection of raw materials to the labelling of the containers is strictly controlled and certified according to European legislation.

The Goldeneye pigments are really the best choice in terms of quality – price relation. Compared to other mono-dose pigments the Goldeneye range is very affordable.

Another point to mention why most professionals in micropigmentation choose to use Goldeneye pigments is that the high concentrated pigment comes packaged in sterile, disposable 3ml tubes, thus avoiding the reuse of packaging and pigment, which can otherwise lead to cross-contamination.

The special texture of the pigment allows to comfortably work in a static position, has a thick consistency that prevents spills from the pigment pot while working and prevents evaporation of colour. The pigment liquefies on contact with the needle, which facilitates and accelerates the penetration of the dye into the skin.

Each Goldeneye pigment can be used on its own or mixed with other Goldeneye colours. We have many professional recommendations about possible blends on each product detail page of our pigments on this website.

These are just a few of the reasons why many micropigmentation experts around the world use Goldeneye pigments. The pigments are of high quality, totally safe and contain ingredients authorized for use in Permanent Makeup.

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