Debbie Clifford; a busy week of teaching in Cyprus

11/12/2015 By Jasper Scholtes

After the successful conference “Micropigmentation 360º” hosted together with Mario Gisbert, Debbie Clifford taught several training courses from 2nd till the 8th of December.

The first four days Debbie conducted basic permanent makeup training courses which included demonstrations, theory and practice on mannequins.

On the 6th December Debbie spend the day teaching the Goldeneye staff in Cyprus.

To complete her marathon of activities of micropigmentation in Cyprus, on 7th and 8th December Debbie hosted a several workshops and demonstrations. A classic eyeliner was demonstrated as well as hyperrealistic 3D eyebrows. Several technical topics were covered as well during these days such as colour theory and Hydro-Pigmentology.

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