Dênisson Amaral demonstrating Pigmentalia in new UK Centre

18/12/2014 By Jasper Scholtes

On the 9th and 10th of December Dênisson Amaral from Pigmentalia Madrid performed two treatments in the Goldeneye UK clinic.

A group of scalp technicians from a well-known hair transplant clinic where invited to watch part of the procedure. The aim was to showcase how Scalp Micropigmentation can enhance a hair transplant to get the best possible results for the clients.

Debbie Clifford was assisting Denis with these procedures, she will be the first Pigmentalia technician in the UK in February when Pigmentalia is launched.

Both clients have had hair transplants previously but wanted more density. The first client had a FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) transplant previously and no scars where visible on the scalp.

The chosen technique for treatment was a densification effect. This may require more sessions to be able to get the desired optical density effect. The first session will consist of two consecutive days of treatment and the second touch up session in between 30 and 60 days after initial treatment.

The densification treatment can be very beneficial in enhancing previous hair transplants.


The second client has had a FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) hair transplant several years ago. This procedure is also known as a “strip” hair transplant. This type of transplant can leave a scar at the back of the scalp.

Pigmenting scar tissue is a delicate process and needs to be treated very carefully. Only a few “dots” (simulated hair follicles) where placed in the scar area. After 30 days we can assess how the pigment behaves in the tissue. If taken well we can add a few more and see the result 30 days later. The scar will need multiple treatments.

The rest of the scalp was treated with the same density technique as the first client and very good results were achieved. Both clients will need to come back in January for their touch up appointment.

A few before and after pictures are shown above. The after pictures are taken immediately after the procedure and the colour will grow stronger after several days.

The Goldeneye UK team would like to specially thank Denison Amaral and Mario Gisbert for their support!

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