Micropigmentation Accessories

All our accessories are specially designed to work alongside our Goldeneye equipment. Goldeneye accessories comply with all the requirements and standards of the European legislation. Carrying out procedures with our equipment and accessories is easy, safe and you will achieve amazing results. The use of the full range of these products ensures high quality of micropigmentation procedures and optimal hygiene. All products are disposable.
Accessories - Goldeneye

Why choose Goldeneye Accessories?

The Goldeneye accessories are designed to meet all the needs for micropigmentation treatments, with maximum comfort and hygiene to the technician and the customer.

Our technical team is dedicated to ongoing research and development of micropigmentation products to ensure their quality and reliability.

Micropigmentation Accessories Products

Ring with Pigment Pots - LFT2920

Flexible ring with two removable pigment pots to mix pigments and store the mixture during the treatment. The high rim of the container prevents the ink to dry, spill or splash during mixing.

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£ 25 (ex VAT)

Mix & Draw Sticks - LFT2239

Mix & draw sticks for the mixing of pigments and drawing of preliminary designs.

To be used with GE Mixer Wireless - GE201510

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£ 60 (ex VAT)

Multitalent Hygienic Workstation - MNS2869

Support for placing the Goldeneye Multitalent, Handpiece, Detector and Mixer on your work surface. The anti-slip surface prevents the devices from accidentally falling during treatment and causing damage.

Disposable product which ensures strict hygenic safety.

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£ 25 (ex VAT)

Cover for Multitalent - MNS2859

Cover for the Goldeneye Multitalent. Protects your equipment and creates a "disposable surface" therefor completely eliminating the possibility of cross-contamination.

Allows the technician to switch the speed of the machine during the procedure with gloved hands.

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£ 10 (ex VAT)

Dermograph Cable Cover - MNS2849

Disposable Handpiece cable cover. Protects the equipment and completely eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination.

Allows the technician to move the handpiece and cord safely during the procedure.

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£ 15 (ex VAT)

Treatment Tray - MNS2200

Tray for holding all accessories needed for the procedure, as well as anesthetic creams and cups with pigments. Allows you to keep the work space clean and tidy.

It allows for a well organised presentation of accessories and products during treatment and can be used for colour consulting, testing and allergy tests.

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£ 25 (ex VAT)

Pippette - LFT2249

Practical accessory when dosing pigments in a blend / mixture

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£ 25 (ex VAT)