Micropigmentation Cosmetics

Goldeneye offers a range of exclusive cosmetic products, specially designed for use during and after the micropigmentation treatments. These are unique and exclusive products with extraordinary ingredients, developed to nourish and heal the pigmented skin.

Highly effective, they include pharmaceuticals and provide much more than other similar products in the market.

Cosmetics - Goldeneye

Why choose Goldeneye Cosmetics?

The use of our exclusive line of cosmetics for permanent makeup guarantees the best results, avoides unnecessary discomfort to the client, enhances the elasticity and hemostasis of the skin and provides the best after care available.

Micropigmentation Cosmetics Products

Wash Soothing Cleanser 50ml - LRD4150

Cleanser with powerful detergent properties for use during treatment and home after care.

This is a special PH neutral concentrated gel so you can be sure the treatment is clean, safe and hygenic. Safe for use around the eyes and paraben free.

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£ 20 (ex VAT)

Push Advanced Penetration Gel 30ml - LRD4250

Oily serum lubricant, highly enriched with specific assets for the treatment of sensitive skin.

Helps to soften dry skin during the treatment. Paraben free.

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£ 25 (ex VAT)

SOS Aftercare Protector 15ml - LRD4340

Oil-free soft silicone gel which is particulary suitable for after care.

Helps prevent scar formation, shields the skin from cold and protects against any other negative exterior effects (wind, dust etc.).  Paraben free.

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£ 24 (ex VAT)

WOW! Compress 10x10cm

Used as post treatment care – immediately after the treatment, reduces swelling and inflammation.

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£ 5.25 (ex VAT)