Pigment Volcanic Ash 8ml - DBO 3970

Pigment Volcanic Ash 8ml - DBO 3970

NEW! Volcanic Ash. Dark brown, organic, warm base. Hydrophilic composition and alcohol free! Micron size is smaller, the viscosity is liquid and the concentration is very high, greatly increases the fixation in the skin.

Price: £ 15 (ex VAT, £ 5 Shipping UK, £ 10 Shipping International)


Ideal for advanced students. For beginners and existing customers it is recommended to mix them with following Goldeneye Pigment +: 145, 175, 270, 340, 350, 620, 625, 630, 420, 460, 540, 700. Thus a less risky mixture is obtained, more neutral, with a shorter, thicker concentration ultimately easier to handle and a more predictable behavior.

The new Goldeneye Hydro Pigments, both organic and inorganic are “hydrophilic” pigments. This means that the molecules are water soluble and therefor they no longer contain any alcohol. Due to the unique manufacturing process the concentration of colouring agents is extremely high but smaller microns solved in a liquid hydrophilic viscosity are needed to be able to provide the quickest implantation, amazing fixation and long lasting performance….a perfect solution for the advanced technicians!

Shake well before removing the colour from the bottle and mix constantly. You can add distilled water if necessary. Apply slowly and superficially, with very light pressure and medium to low speed. The thickness of each colour pigment is slightly different.

The colour you will see immediately after cleansing in the first steps, will be very similar to the colour you will see 30 days later. The colour when applied will be “fixed” within 10 minutes after applying it, so you will notice a dark appearance due to rapid pigment fixation. We advise you to be cautious when comparing colours in areas after 10 minutes (right and left eyebrows, top and bottom lips...)

Try them now, you will be blown away by the amazing results of the new Goldeneye Hydro Pigments!

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