Micropigmentation Machines

Goldeneye offers a wide variety of Permanent Makeup Machines, designed to get the best results, without losing sight of the needs of technician and the comfort of the  customer.

Goldeneye Technology provides the Ultimate Performance, ensuring the health and safety throughout the process thanks to our patented designs. All our machines are 100% “Safe-by-Design”

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Why choose Goldeneye Machines?

Great performance, Amazing Results!

Our range of Micropigmentation Machines allows you to choose the best option to suit your specific needs. Whether you're starting with your training or are a very expierenced technician we have the perfect machine available for you.

The entire range is manufactured with high quality components and technology, and in compliance with the strictest European hygiene standards.

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Micropigmentation Machines Products

Airtronic Set - LFT1180

The NEW Goldeneye Airtronic Set is suitable for all kinds of professional permanent makeup treatments. Manufactured with high quality components and latest technology! Its value for money is unique in the market, through cost effective production you can now achieve maximum results for minimum costs!

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£ 625 (ex VAT)

Crystal Tech Pro Set - LFT1207

The perfect set for either the beginning or advanced technician. A high-quality and luxurious design with great performance and amazing results.

Its modern design, precise handling and great functionality make it a must-have for every Permanent Makeup Artist.

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£ 3,250 (ex VAT)

Goldeneye I Touch Set 2.0 - GE201209

The most luxurious micropigmentation machine on the market with an intuitive and innovative touchscreen control. Select the type of skin, the treatment area as well as a treatment technique. The Golden-i-Touch will select the best needle and provide all the parameters automatically.

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consult (ex VAT)

Dermograph Air - LFT1030

New rotary hand piece, precise and lightweight with a high quality swiss motor.

Best value for money in the market!

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£ 375 (ex VAT)

Cartridge Dermograph SLS - LFT1301

Unique Cartridge Dermograph SLS! Magnetic connection system, high speed swiss motor


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consult (ex VAT)

Dermograph 6V - LFT1201

This rotary dermograph combines outstanding and 100% safe hygiene, precise technology and has the best quality motor, that doesn’t require maintenance!

The powerful engine (DC5V, 500mA, 9,600 U / min) helps reduce treatment time, causing less trauma, swelling, and scarring.

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£ 1,150 (ex VAT)

Mixer Wireless - LFT1510

This clever and useful device allows optimal sterile mixture of pigments.

The mixer is a clever 2-in-1 solution. It can be used as a mixer (used with our sterile sticks) where it blends different pigments into a smooth final colour. At the same time the tip can be used as a sterile brush for fine hair stroke sketches.

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£ 249 (ex VAT)

Detector Wireless - LFT1810

This exclusive product measures the amount of pigment implanted in the treated area. Suitable for use in the area near the eyes.

Gaps can immediately be detected and touch up appointments can be avoided.

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£ 249 (ex VAT)

Crystal Tech Pro basic - LFT1270

The Goldeneye Crystal Tech has uncompromisingly good functionality, precision, handling and is styled in a modern and refined look.

This machine has acrylic LED lighting and is controlled by a micro-SMD chip.

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£ 2,350 (ex VAT)

Multitalent SMD - LFT1241

Thanks to its compact size, simple operation and high performance, the Goldeneye Multitalent with SMD micro chip technology provides the highest quality results in Micropigmentation.

The Goldeneye Multitalent has truly set new standards. Ideal for those wanting to work mobile!

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£ 1,250 (ex VAT)

Foot Switch for Multitalent - LFT1180

On / off foot switch for the Goldeneye Multitalent Machine. With this footpedal you can very easily turn the machine on and off without having to move away from the client.

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£ 45 (ex VAT)

Holder for Dermograph - Mixer - Detector - LFT1630

Specially designed to safely hold the handpiece, detector and / or mixer while performing a procedure.

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£ 39 (ex VAT)

Cable for Dermograph 6V - LFT1190

Cable for the Goldeneye handpiece / dermograph. This cable can be used to connect to any of our machines.

Goldeneye recommends the use of approved products to garuantee safe use of our equipment.

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£ 35 (ex VAT)

Adapter - LFT1250

Adapter for the Multitalent SMD New and SMD-W.

Goldeneye recommends the use of approved products to garuantee safe use of our equipment.

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£ 45 (ex VAT)

Footswitch for Crystal - LFT1275

On / Off foot switch for the Goldeneye Crystal Tech Pro. With this footpedal you can very easily turn the machine on and off without having to move away from the client.

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£ 45 (ex VAT)